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If you're driven by discovery and innovation, Academic City offers world-class programs in engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship. These programs have been designed to prepare students to think critically, diagnose rationally and solve creatively - the fundamental components to help students understand and develop their potential to become more practical and productive.


Africa needs more engineers to build its infrastructure, manufacturing and healthcare sectors, and alternative energy resources. Our engineering programmes are designed to prepare the next generation of engineering leaders to design and drive change.


With an understanding of the global business environment and growing African economies, our business programme prepares students to understand socioeconomic challenges and design practical business solutions.


We have designed our IT programme to address the increasing need for IT to help communities participate globally on social and economic levels, while remaining competitive through the power of information and technology.

Communication Arts

We have designed our communication arts programmes to combine the understanding and practice of media, arts, public relations and culture, while innovatively integrating new technology and creativity.

Our Trademark Courses


What we do:

The ACity Registry team acts as the custodian of students records, enforces policies to ensure the university is meeting its regulatory requirements and offers services such as:

  • Student registration & enrollment
  • Transcript & other document requests
  • Enrollment verification
  • Support for international students to regularize their stay
  • Teaching and exam scheduling
  • Student data reports
  • Provision of academic support services to students.
  • To maintain accurate academic records on students
  • To provide accurate reports on students’ numbers and academic performance
  • To support students in achieving academic success in line with academic policies
  • To monitor and ensure that academic standards are sustained.
Registered students:

Visit ACITY+ to access links to help you:

  • Request for documents (transcripts, introductory letters, resident permit application etc.)
  • Submit requests for ID card replacement
  • Register/or check your enrollment status
  • View your performance
  • Academic Regulations
How to reach us

Kindly direct all your registration & enrollment, academic performance & support, classroom booking, enquiries to

On campus

2nd Floor

Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to your Head of Department (HOD), Academic advisor or a member of the registry team. Refer to the academic contact directory for the details.

You can review your provisional transcript regularly. Grades are published at the end of each semester after moderation by our mentors and are available on your ACity+ Portal.

Your academic advisors are available to provide academic guidance. Please see your HOD if you are not aware of your advisor.

ACity's academic and student-led counselling programmes ensure that students who need aid get help from advisors, faculty and student peers.

You are required to maintain a GPA of 1.5 or 50% CWA at the end of each semester in order to be eligible to continue with your studies. Please refer to students' handbook

You will need to apply for your resident permit from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). You will be expected to present:

  • A copy of your admission letter
  • A non-citizenship card issued by the National Identification Authority
  • An introductory letter from the university
  • Passport
  • Passport pictures

Check out the requirements from the GIS website or you may contact the Registry for assistance.