ACity Academics

If you're driven by discovery and innovation, Academic City offers world-class programs in engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship. These programs have been designed to prepare students to think critically, diagnose rationally and solve creatively - the fundamental components to help students understand and develop their potential to become more practical and productive.


Academic City College, a National Accreditation Board accredited institution, was launched in 2009 by the Eureka Africa group, with a mission to deliver much needed affordable modern education to develop a competitive labor pool in Ghana.

  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (pending NAB final approval)
  • Bachelor of Science Industrial & Systems Engineering (pending NAB final approval)


With an understanding of the global business environment and growing African economies, our business programme prepares students to understand socioeconomic challenges and design practical business solutions.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Banking & Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing


We have designed our IT programme to address the increasing need for IT to help communities participate globally on social and economic levels, while remaining competitive through the power of information and technology.

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Communication Arts

We have designed our communication arts programmes to combine the understanding and practice of media, arts, public relations and culture, while innovatively integrating new technology and creativity.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Public Relations

Fundamentals of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (FIE)

Our trademark program which all freshman undertake is a course that engages students to apply the fundamentals of problem analysis and solution synthesis to design solutions for real-life problems. Designed by our expert faculty and industry practitioners, FIE not only pushes students to consider scenarios outside the norm but also puts them in the driver's seat of the world of work where they must work together and challenge each other to be prepared for what lies beyond university.


Sudhakar Shinde

Sudhakar Shinde

The Office of the Registrar maintains the official academic records for current and former students. The office signs off on all new student and staff onboarding, coordinates registration, issues ID cards, schedules lecture periods and locations, produces the final exam schedule, handles all corrections to student data, verifies enrollment and degrees, processes transcript requests, and prepares and mails diplomas.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always seek help from your academic advisor.

ACity comprises the School of Engineering & Technology, the School of Business and the School of Communication Arts.

You may contact ACity faculty and staff by calling at (233) 262 693 960 or sending us an email at

Academic City events will be highlighted on our campus visit page (Coming Soon!).

The ACity giftshop which will open in January 2020 and will have different types of ACity memorabilia for you to purchase.

Faculty at the beginning of each semester encourage interested students to stop by for consultations, and maintain an open door policy.

You will be assigned an advisor throughout your time at ACity who will personally guide you through the registration process each semester.

ACity's academic and student-led counselling programmes ensure that students who need aid get help from advisors, faculty and student peers.

ACity students are required to maintain a GPA of 2.0+ to stay enrolled.