Campus Technology

Campus Technology

From day one, Academic City’s students are hardwired to feel comfortable with software and hardware technology on a fully Wi-Fi-enabled campus. That familiarity comes from constantly interacting with some of the most advanced tools available today. Equipped with 3 different computer labs, a maker space, advanced engineering software that powers our workshop and a mobile-based learning management system to connect teachers, parents and students, Academic City provides the community with opportunities to hone their technological chops in every aspect of their curriculum, from their basic degree requirements to advanced studies in their major.

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Mouaz Ibrahim

Mouaz Ibrahim
Lead IT Supervisor

The IT service department at Academic City constantly strives to provide the ultimate digital experience on campus

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Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

Academic City has a fully Wi-Fi internet-enabled campus, from dorm rooms to the cafeteria. The wireless network is available to Academic City’s students, faculty, and staff and offers fast and reliable data connection speeds. The IT Services department maintains the wireless network throughout all buildings and common outdoor spaces on campus including all computer labs and libraries.

myCAMU : Learning Management System

CAMU is one of the most advanced learning management systems available today offering a breadth of features to students through a mobile-enabled myCAMU. CAMU provides easy access to your academic activities, announcements, communication, attendance records, exam schedules, results, progress reports, time tables, and billing information - all that from wherever you need it. MyCamu uses advanced encryption techniques to provide you with secure access to your data from any mobile device.

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Smart ID Cards

Academic City requires all active, registered students, faculty and staff to have an official Academic City identification card. ACity ID cards provide access to campus buildings and classrooms, computer labs, the library and hostel rooms. The ID card also serves as a form of identification for on-campus activities and University events. Students may also use their ID cards for meal plans, at print stations and purchasing items at the soon-to-be-completed campus bookstore.

*ID Cards are obtained from IT Services & the Registrar's Office. There is no charge for the first card issued. Lost ID Cards are subject to 100 GHC replacement fee.

Digital Makerspace

The on-campus maker space exists at the intersection of art, technology, science, and entrepreneurship. It is a place where people can come together to create and explore. At Academic City, the maker space is equipped with virtual reality (VR) sets, augmented reality (AR) Microsoft Hololens, Arduino kits, a 3D printer, a green screen and LEGO Mindstorm kits for robotics. Launching in 2020, the maker space at Academic City is aimed at encouraging the development of hardware prototypes in a low-cost collaborative environment.

eTextbook Archive

The IT Services department maintains an electronic archive of legacy textbooks that have been used to teach IT education since the 1990s through to modern day. Students who are discerning technology learners not only have the chance to learn from modern day textbooks provided to them by their faculty in class, but also have the chance to understand how technology has evolved, to understand the direction industry is taking. Absorb classic concepts as they were taught 15-20 years ago such as memory, CPU infrastructure, sorting algorithms and database design through the eTextbook archive.

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