Departments & Faculty

Our faculty is made up of leading researchers, investigators, and teachers in their respective areas. They are supported in their work by a full staff committed to ensuring the success of both students and professors.

Engineering & Informatics

Academic City prides itself on having a world-class engineering & IT curriculum coupled with a state-of-the-art engineering workshop and computer labs right on campus. Outfitted with the latest in electronics, mechanical and digital gear, our students are empowered from Day 1 to experience concepts taught in the classroom firsthand and build systems relevant to their coursework.

Lucy Agyeapong

Department Head
Dr. Lucy Agyepong

With state-of-the-art industry standard equipment, modern laboratory facilities, and industry-tested faculty, augmented by experiments and simulations, and affirmed through hands-on construction and internships, Academic City is poised to create a new Africa.

Navel Sharma

Department Head
Mr. Navel Sharma

Education isn’t the amount of information you absorb into your brain that remains undigested throughout your life. We must have ideas that build our lives and shape our character. If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than any man who has memorized a whole library.

Business & Social Sciences

With an understanding of the global business environment and growing African economies, our business program prepares students to understand socioeconomic challenges and design practical business solutions.

Linda A Deigh

Department Head
Dr. Linda A Deigh

We develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, while you equip yourself with the skills you require to meet the changing and growing needs of business and industry. You will immerse yourself in the rigor of your subject choice to solve real-world problems. Likewise, with our communications programs, you will carve your path in media by combining core multimedia journalism skills and develop a passion for storytelling with an understanding of the communications industries.

Course Catalog

Our departments above have designed a rigorous course curriculum that combines elements of cooperative education, semester projects, and electives that make the academic program for each student unique yet challenging enough to prepare you for the world of work. Undergoing regular revision, the course catalog is an indication of the courses and topics students will complete for each of the programs offered at ACity.