Student Life

We believe that a university experience goes far beyond what happens in the classroom, where the intellectual challenge may begin. We make sure that it spills over into everyday life, making the process of education enjoyable.

Office of Student & Community Affairs

The Office of Student and Community Affairs exists so that students can get more than they ever believed possible from their college experience, and from themselves.

The Student Affairs team gets to know about incoming students soon after Admissions decisions are made. First, we hold individual sessions to help the new students to unearth and declare their skills, talents, strengths, and interests. Then we support and track them, as they build a steadily maturing personal portfolio, through a combination of learning experiences, internships, and exposure. Academic City is particularly well suited to customizing the attention it gives to engaged, action-oriented young adults, so this process proves to be very stimulating for the students.

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    Counseling & Wellbeing

    Students perform at their best when they are able to manage key areas of their lives including the social, intellectual, mental, and emotional aspects, among others. In our university setting, we are striving for students to achieve this balance in order to achieve their personal best. We believe in proactively supporting students through any hurdles along their journey, our coaching helps steer them back toward their desired state of wellbeing and progress.

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    Coaching and Advising

    Starting with the freshman year, we provide students with coaching and advising sessions which will follow them throughout their four-year experience. Our experience shows that these sessions have proven to be critical at key decision points in the students' lives and have the ability to ignite opportunities and to avert stumbling blocks.

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    Residential Life

    Academic City is designed to create the type of residential atmosphere that will place students at the center of the learning experience, surrounded by a strong collection of like-minded people whose primary goal is to push the boundaries of academia and innovation. Our hope is that all students will take advantage of the round-the-clock, weekly living experience that we are creating on the campus so that students can learn, exchange ideas, and socialize, to create a network that will serve them into the future, as graduates.

ACity Campus Activities

Yoga & Wellness

“A violence-free society, disease-free body, confusion-free mind, inhibition-free intellect, trauma-free memory, and sorrow-free soul is the birth right of every individual.” ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Photos from the ‘Art of Living’ group session with students and faculty of Academic City.

Robotics Festival

We were excited to host our maiden robotics festival that was organized by the ACity Robotics Club. As part of the festival, our students, who were inspired to find a solution to road accidents in Ghana, displayed the semi-autonomous cars that they had designed and programmed to sense and avoid obstacles on the road. Special thanks to students of Methodists Girls Senior High School's robotics club for being a part of our festival.

VR & Gaming

Chelsey Roebuck @cwr.ig , founder of ELiTE in New York, named in Forbes Magazine ‘30 under 30’, delivered a technologically relevant and highly informative workshop on VR and AR to ACity students.

Reading Banquet

Reading Banquet at Academic City helps the students to create a reading habit and improve their general knowledge, which plays an important role in moulding an intelligent student.

Celebrating Diversity

Academic City hosted its first student-led Celebration of African Diversity Day on November 16, 2018, to promote an appreciation of the different cultures and backgrounds present on its campus.

Students Lounge

Students’ Lounge, a unique experience at Academic City, offers students a platform to engage in effective communication and problem-solving debates, which plays a major role in building healthy talks among students.

About Haatso, Accra

Haatso, home to Academic City, is a newly developed neighbourhood in Accra, located in the Ga East Municipal District within the Dome Kwabenya Constituency. It is within a 30-minutes drive away from the Kotoka International Airport. It has emerged as a popular route for commuters in neighbouring environs because of its proximity to Achimota School and University of Ghana, Legon. Some known landmarks include Ecomog, Block Factory, Yam Market and the nearby famous Achimota Golf Course. Haatso, which initially started as a plantation community of banana farmers is now home to supermarkets, shops and banks. An ecosystem of education has built up in recent years, with Brainy Bairn School, Mannieson Christian School, Sunrise Montessori and Wisconsin University all situated here. Nearby hospitals are Medifem, Lapaz Community Clinic and Achimota Hospital. The presence of community police, neighbourhood watchdog service and the proximity of Atomic Police Station make Haatso a safe and secure community to live and work in.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is the closest students get to engage in community projects while in university. Such experiences also give students exposure to transferable skills for the world of work. The hope is that students will be able to work on civic projects that complement their majors, and collaborate with classmates to achieve tangible and impactful results.

Academic City strives to have a positive impact on the host community of Haatso, Accra, and the Western African region as a whole.

Career service at Ghana Acity

Internships & Co-Ops

Our dedicated Career Services office focuses on the personal and professional development of our students in preparation for a local or global career-path. As they progress through Academic City, our students are actively introduced to internship opportunities and job-shadowing options where possible. This acts as a precursor to post-graduation employment or graduate school.

Student Affairs Team

Picture a campus in which hard questions are asked, opinions are probed in a productive manner, and teachable moments are constant, as young people are encouraged to sharpen their minds and adapt themselves for the upcoming world. Our student affairs team bring their collective expertise to craft a happy and purposeful student journey at ACity.

Giselle Partington
Associate Director of Student & Community Affairs
Rebecca Ashitey
Student Engagement Manager
Millicent Dzifa Seanehia
Career service at Ghana Acity

Coming Soon : Athletics at AC

Academic City is engaging with sporting facility developers to build a multi-purpose astro turf on campus for students and faculty. Get your soccer boots ready.