Plan a visit to Academic City’s campus in Haatso, Accra and let us show you our customized learning environment. We invite students, parents, companies, and alumni to take a guided tour of our space and our technology and engineering resources.

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Academic City University College
Property # 279-302, Agbogba, Haatso,
P.O. Box AD 421, Accra, Ghana

Directions: Take left at Atomic Roundabout towards Haatso. Take right off Atomic Road at Transitions Funeral Home.


Acity map
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Virtual Campus Tour

The virtual campus tour is an online experience that allows students, or anyone interested, to virtually explore and learn about Academic City University College campus.It typically includes 360-degree videos, interactive maps, and virtual walkthroughs of campus buildings and facilities, offering an immersive and convenient way to get a feel for the campus and its resources without physically visiting.