From Vision to Vanguard: A 5-Year Odyssey of Academic Excellence Introduction

In just five remarkable years, Academic City University College has evolved into a beacon of academic excellence and innovation. Our journey began with the vision of redefining education and preparing students to excel in an ever-evolving world. From our humble beginning to becoming a knowledge powerhouse, we have strived for excellence at every step.

Since our establishment, we have embraced innovation, fostered creativity, and empowered our students to become leaders of tomorrow. Our commitment to holistic education, cutting-edge research, and community engagement has shaped our identity as a forward-thinking institution.

Celebrating 5 Years of Impact: Honoring Achievements, Embracing the Future

As we mark our 5th anniversary, we pause to reflect on the remarkable milestones we have achieved together. This celebration is not just a commemoration of time passed; it's a tribute to the collective efforts of our faculty, students, staff, partners, and the wider community that has supported us.

Our 5th-anniversary celebration stands as a testament to the impact we have made in a short span of time. It's a platform to honour our shared achievements and set the course for an even more transformative future. Through various activities, we aim to celebrate not only our growth but also the positive change we have brought to individuals and society.

2018 - 2023

A Legacy in Progress:

Unveiling Our Journey in Milestones

Celebrating 5 Remarkable Years of Academic Excellence!

Honoured for Excellence and Impact

In a testament to our unwavering dedication to advancing education, innovation, and technology, Academic City University College has been recognized with notable awards.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence has propelled us to remarkable heights, as evidenced by our ranking as the 2nd best university in Ghana and the 15th best in Sub-Saharan Africa for the University Rankings 2023 by the esteemed Times Higher Education.


We proudly received the Outstanding EduTech Institution of the Year accolade at the prestigious Africa Technovate Awards, affirming our commitment to delivering premier education on the African continent.


Our Pledge: Building a Better Tomorrow

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond education. We believe in creating a positive impact on society and nurturing a sense of responsibility among our students and staff. Through strategic partnerships and community organisations, we have undertaken a range of initiatives that address pressing social issues and contribute to sustainable development.

Innovating Futures: Celebrating Student Excellence and Breakthroughs

Our students are more than learners; they are the architects of tomorrow's innovations. This section shines a spotlight on their remarkable projects, academic accomplishments, and community contributions. From groundbreaking research to impactful community initiatives, their journey of excellence embodies the spirit of innovation and positive change that defines our institution.

Goliath Robotics: An ACity Startup

Our 2022 alumni Barnabas Nomo, Andrewla Takyi, and Jeremiah Fiagbedzi founded Goliath Robotics, an e-mobility company nurtured on campus. Their first devices, a eWheelchair and eBike, revolutionise mobility and medicine with their modular micro-controller.

Acity Core Values
Student's Smart Farming System Shortlisted for AgriTech Revolution

ACity Level 200 Electrical and Electronics Engineering student Emmanuel Aidelokhai Ileogben was a finalist in this year's KIC-UG AgriTech Challenge Classic for his Automated Drip Irrigation System, which could revolutionise farming for small and mid-scale farmers by integrating a mobile app with an Arduino-based system to increase agricultural productivity and reduce water waste.

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Royal Crown Packaging Competition

Academic City emerged first runner-up at this year's Royal Packaging Competition.

Acity Core Values
Goldman Sachs: Employment and Internship Programme

Nana Boadi Twumasi-Ampong, Class of 2022 has secured a full-time role at Goldman Sachs’ London office, while Daniella Omenogor, a 2023 Computer Science graduate, was selected for an internship at Goldman Sachs’ Birmingham office.

Class of 2022 Graduate Empowers Students and Innovates Delivery with Robotics

Benedict Amoako, Class of 2022, has collaborated with MakeX Ocial to give hands-on training through ROTECH, his robotics firm, to prepare students for worldwide robotics contests and solve local courier service problems with an autonomous delivery system.

Acity Core Values
ACity Team Advances to Africa Finals with 'L'Oréal Haven' Innovation

Team Synergy from ACity advanced from nationals to Africa finals with their innovative ovoid-shaped device, L'Oréal Haven, which offers skin diagnostics, virtual makeup trials, dermatologist bookings, personalised product recommendations, music enjoyment, and social media sharing.

Charting Tomorrow: Unveiling Our Vision and Future Endeavors

In the spirit of perpetual progress, we present a glimpse into the exciting journey ahead. Our future plans encompass dynamic expansions, innovative programs, and strategic partnerships that will shape Academic City University College's trajectory. This section offers a preview of our aspirations, as we continue to forge new paths in education, research, and societal impact.

Acity Core Values
Institutional Independence: Empowering Academic City University

Embracing institutional independence, Academic City University becomes a standalone degree-granting institution. This pivotal move fuels academic freedom, fostering creativity for pioneering research, innovative education, and societal engagement.

Acity Core Values
Education: Uniting Arts, Sciences, and STEAM

Blurring disciplinary lines, we unite Arts and Sciences in transdisciplinary programs. Launching ACity graduate programs focused on STEAM, we equip students for a connected world through holistic learning.

Acity Core Values
Partnerships: Global Alliances, Thriving Growth

Collaboration knows no bounds. We extend horizons with international partners, broadening student perspectives and amplifying global impact. Dynamic partnerships underpin our institutional excellence and growth.

Acity Core Values
Research: Innovate Impactful Solutions

Research transforms into solutions with societal impact. Our vision launches five student start-ups annually, generates 5-10 patents, and achieves 100 annual technical and conference publications—shaping the future through pioneering research.

Acity Core Values
People: Cultivating Talent, Fostering Innovation

Our community drives us. We enhance talent acquisition, nurture faculty development, and foster continuous learning. By investing in people, we ignite collective potential for inspiration, guidance, and innovation.

Acity Core Values
Resources: Leading Sustainable Excellence

Resource optimization propels excellence. Enhanced infrastructure, enriched housing, and new labs/workshops fuel experiential learning. A commitment to 60% sustainable energy aligns with our greener future.

Joining Forces: Collaborate and Transform with Academic City

Our journey is marked by partnerships that have fueled innovation and driven change. This section celebrates our existing collaborations and extends an invitation to those who share our vision.

Institutional Partners

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

University of Dayton

Millersville University

St. Mary's University

Engineers Without Borders

Fontys University of Applied Sciences



Industry Partners

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

University of Dayton

Millersville University

Millersville University

Internship and Recruitment Partners

  • AA Contour Academy; Ignite
  • Academic City University College
  • Accolm Ghana Ltd
  • AccraWAN
  • African Federal Bureau
  • African Youth Group
  • Aman Chalak Investmemt and Properties
  • American Tower Corporation
  • Ampersand Technologies LLC
  • Aphro Beverages Ltd.

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