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Academic City launches MSc in Data Science and Analytics

On the beautiful morning of Wednesday, April 17, the campus of Academic City was buzzing with excitement as distinguished guests […]

Prof. Fred McBagonluri calls for national AI strategy

President of Academic City University College, Prof.Fred McBagonluri, has emphasised the necessity for the formulation of a national strategy on […]

Academic City’s energy efficiency project honoured at Engineering Excellence Awards

An Academic City University College student project has received recognition at this year’s Engineering Excellence Awards. The project, dubbed as […]


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The entire ACity Community has access to the ACity+ Digital Campus available on Android and iOS. Through ACity+ we ensure an uninterrupted connection and engagement among members of the community on or off-campus.

Message from the President

Fred Mcbagonluri

Prof. Fred Mcbagonluri

The world around is rapidly changing. New things are being invented. The coolest products of today will become part of the landfills of tomorrow. Divergent fields of human endeavors are seeking simultaneous convergence and disruption. New fields of human ventures are emerging and old fields are evolving. AI, Robotics, Biomedical, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Data Analytics among others, will significantly alter our ways of life and evolve new innovative enterprises. Our world-class programmes provide latitude, depth and a platform for our students to rethink and re-engineer the future. With state-of-the-art industry-standard equipment, modern laboratories, activity-based learning, and industry-tested faculty we prepare our students to reinvent the future With a strong focus on analytics, augmented by experiments and simulations, and affirmed through hands-on constructions and internships, Academic City is poised to become a leading engineering and entrepreneurship university that creates dynamics for a vibrant Africa.

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Voices of AC is a collection of perspectives from our community. Get to know Academic City's campus, the classroom environment, the academic journey and our philosophies as told by our very own staff and students. Find out what they love about being an ACitizen. The environment at Academic City encourages creativity, individual identity and academic excellence.

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