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Welcome to Academic City University College, a leading institution among Universities in Ghana committed to academic excellence across various disciplines. We offer a comprehensive range of programs, empowering you to pursue your academic goals in Engineering, Business, Technology, or Communication Arts. Our dynamic curriculum equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today's globalized world. Explore our exciting program offerings and discover the perfect path to launch your successful future in Ghana.

Application Process

Academic City is pleased to offer admission to its first-year students in two distinct cohorts, with the first starting in September and the second starting in January. Upon completion of their first year, both cohorts will merge to continue their academic pursuits. The application process is streamlined and can be efficiently completed through our online portal. Our Admissions Office, located at our Haatso campus in Accra, operates from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. Our knowledgeable and friendly admissions team is available to assist prospective students during these hours through various means of communication, including phone, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Ways to Apply

Admission to ACity is competitive, but the admission process is a personal one. Each application is reviewed holistically to understand the strength of each student’s academic preparation including their performance on final exams, counselor recommendations, and their personal career interests. We seek applicants from a variety of geographic, social, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

Our online application is simple and takes 5-7 minutes to fill. Keep handy your parents' contact information, academic qualifications and program of interest. Applications that are complete and include a personal essay will be looked upon favorably.

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Our Unique Learning Pillars

  • Experiential Learning

  • Contextual Learning

  • Unified Learning

  • Extensional Learning


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Academic City is a premium quality tertiary education institution in Africa with a state-of-the-art ultra-modern campus in Accra, Ghana. Academic City offers holistic education to create well-rounded minds who can proactively and conscientiously contribute to local and global development.

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International Students

The international presence at Academic City continues to grow each year with students from Africa, the Americas and Asia. With our international faculty as chaperons, Academic City is your safe haven from which to explore the hustle and bustle of Accra.

International students play an important role in ACity’s mission by enriching classroom learning through the different perspectives and experiences they bring to our campus. We invite you to become part of our dynamic learning community.

Contact & Connect

Lorna Quartey
+233 26 269 3960
Senior Admissions Counselor

Sudhakar Shinde

Debrah Jacqueline Woedem
+233 59 399 9410
Admissions Officer

Sudhakar Shinde

Joshilla Antwi
+233 26 542 3557
Admissions Officer

Sudhakar Shinde

Pius Sefadzi Dzawu
+233 26 269 3870
Admissions Officer

Sudhakar Shinde

Prince Agyenim Boateng
+233 53 102 0810
Admissions Officer

Sudhakar Shinde

Jemima Banguet
+233 55 426 4486
Bilingual Admissions Officer

Sudhakar Shinde

Mawuena Yvonne Agbakpe
+233 59 403 0308
Junior Admissions Officer