ACity Academics


The Library provides a photocopying service that gives readers access to copy pages of library materials from interested collections and personal documents. Depending on the volume of work at a particular time, photocopying may not be instantaneous. Patrons are entreated to observe the laws relating to copyright. NB. Locate the photocopying unit within the circulation session.

The library operates a remote printing system that is web-based and allows for sending of print jobs from laptops, PCs, mobile devices and pen drives.

IT Services

ACity Library PCs are equipped with a range of software including Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge). Please note that these PCs are not secure places to save documents. The PCs are reimaged each time you log off, which means that all documents saved to the Desktop and My Documents area are permanently deleted.

The Library has several 'Quick Search' PCs. These computers give access to key online resources and information without requiring readers to log on and can be used for browsing the internet, including the KOHA library catalog.

Readers are welcome to use their own laptops or mobile devices in the Libraries. Please note that our library has designated silent study areas and that laptops may not be used in these areas.

The Wi-Fi network in the Library allows all ACITY Library users to access the internet for free using our networks. Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets and mobile phones can all use our Wi-Fi networks. Details of the available networks and guides available to help you connect to the network are listed below. Alternatively, download our printable PDF guide.

Library Instruction

Academic City library provides User education in the form of an annual orientation program organized for new students at the start of the academic year. Also, training on any specific resource may be requested by contacting any of the Library Staff.