student affairs

The Office of Student and Community Affairs exists so that students can get more than they ever believed possible from their college experience. At Academic City, students find access to ideas.


We believe that a university experience goes far beyond what happens in the classroom, where the intellectual challenge may begin, but we make sure that it spills over into everyday life, making the process of education enjoyable.

Life for students will happen in the hallways, casual gatherings, accidental meet-ups, spontaneous discussions, and intentional collaborations. We are crafting a campus in which we will encourage debates, a wide range of discussions, and special-interest activities, for students to be immersed in their talent areas, and to gain leadership and organization skills while doing so.

If you can picture a campus in which hard questions are asked, opinions are probed in a productive manner, and teachable moments are constant, as young people are encouraged to sharpen their minds and adapt themselves for the upcoming world.

The Office of Student Affairs manages the ecosystem of student life around the following key areas:

Counselling & Wellbeing

Students perform at their best, when they are able to manage key areas of their life: the social, intellectual, mental, and emotional, among others. In our university setting we are striving for students to achieve this balance so as to achieve their personal best. We believe in proactively supporting students through any hurdles along their journey, and our trained counselling helps steer them back to their state of wellbeing and progress.

Mentoring and Advising

Starting with the freshman year, we will provide students with mentoring and advising sessions which will follow them throughout their four-year experience. Our experience shows that these sessions have proven to be critical at key decision points in the students' lives and have the ability to ignite opportunities and to avert stumbling blocks.

Residential Life - Hostel and Dining

Academic City is designed to create the type of residential atmosphere that will place students at the centre of the learning experience, surrounded by a strong collection of like-minded people whose primary goal is to push the boundaries of academia and innovation. Our hope is that all students will take advantage of the round-the-clock, 7 days a week living experience that we are creating on the campus so that students can learn, exchange ideas, and socialize, to create a network that will serve them into the future, as graduates.

The world of work is dynamic; and we train our students for this reality.

While we can't fully predict what the world of work will look like in a few years time, we do know the kinds of skills that will contribute to success, and the kinds of skills that will be in demand, even as the world of work changes with technology and the demand and supply for labour.

The successful young people of the future will be ones who have the type of tools needed to respond to a fast changing world of work.

They'll be academically and intellectually prepared, but they'll also have the skills to take full advantage of their academic prowess. Whether you're in start up mode, getting off the ground, or heading off as an employee to your first choice job, we're here to support the transition to life beyond college, to keep students productive and engaged.

career hive

To ensure that they are market or graduate-school ready, students will complete a 'curriculum' of skills that every student should know before leaving university.

These will include workshops, assessments, and talks with professionals across various fields. As they progress through Academic City, we will be actively connecting our students to internship opportunities, and also job shadowing options, where possible. This acts as a precursor to post graduation employment or graduate school.

Lifting Off

Our dedicated Career Services office on-campus focuses on personal & professional development of our students, in preparation for a local or global career-path, especially by focussing on experience-building opportunities such as :

  • Internships
  • Full-time Job Placements
  • Career fairs
  • Job Readiness Trainings & Workshops (resume writing, interview prep, career counselling, presentation & pitching, one-on-one coaching etc.)

civic engagement

One of the most important gifts that a young person can gain from tertiary education, is the gift of integration into adulthood within a mentoring and learning framework.

Civic engagement activities offer moments for reflection, self-assessment, correction and sustained leadership.

Civic engagement is the closest students get to engaging in community projects while in university. Such experience also gives students exposure to transferable skills for the world of work. The hope is that students will be able to work on civic projects that complement their majors, and collaborate with classmates to achieve tangible and impactful results.

Civic engagement also allows students to integrate with communities and situations in an intentional manner that helps ground them and develop a sense of empathy, beyond the university campus and their families.

Academic City strives to have a positive impact on the host community of Haatso, Accra, and the Western African region as a whole.