Exploring Innovation and Creativity in Engineering

After an eventful semester learning the basics of Engineering, students in our Engineering Graphics class culminated the semester with their final project presentations.

Our students, who were led by their faculty, Dr. Stephen K. Armah, were tasked to build prototypes of a device or mechanism, which is functional, appealing, and marketable using a computer-aided design software tool called SolidWorks.

In addition to designing devices such as tractors and tricycles that are functional, our students exhibited their creativity by using affordable and environmentally-friendly resources such as bamboo to reduce the cost of production.

In the video above, one of the teams designed a prototype of a Mars Rover using the SolidWorks tool and demonstrated its specific movements through animation.

"I'm impressed at how quickly the students were able to learn how to use the tool," said Dr. Armah. "They have learnt to work better in teams, communicate more effectively to achieve a goal, and have also gained more confidence in trying new things," he added.

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