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Introducing Prospective Students to Academic City

Academic City, on June 19, 2019, hosted an Open Day Barbeque event aimed at giving prospective students a taste of Academic City. 158 prospective students attended the event that was packed with... Read More

Academic City Partners with Millersville University

Academic City is committed to redefining tertiary learning on the continent and seeks to achieve this by learning from the esteemed efforts of renowned institutions in the world. As such, Academic... Read More

Breaking the Traditional Chains of Teaching Math & Physics

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a crucial part of our lives today as the world is exposed to the benefits and challenges of a globalized era and the rapid spread of... Read More

Creating Autism Awareness at Academic City

As part of our campus’ effort to understand and find solutions to problems in the world, members of the Provisional Rotaract Club of Academic City created a platform to acknowledge and create... Read More

Academic City Students Visit The Planetarium Center Ghana

The Planetarium Science Center Ghana was founded by Dr. Jacob Ashong and stands as the first privately built digital planetarium in the country and in West Africa. It aims to promote practical STEM... Read More

Learning Through Direct Exposure – The Academic City Way

As part of Academic City’s effort to prepare students to understand and develop innovative solutions to complex problems in society, it is critical that students are given the opportunity to go... Read More

Students Exhibit Their Creativity and Innovative Mindsets at Maiden Robotics Festival

March 29, 2019, was an exciting time for Academic City’s Robotics Club as it hosted the campus’ first Robotics Festival. The Festival consisted of an exhibition and competition whose goal was to... Read More

Academic City Students Meet the Industry: Our Maiden Career Fair 2019

On March 22, 2019, Academic City organized its maiden Career Fair to create a platform for students to network with companies from different industries across the continent and to secure internship... Read More

International Women's Day - Meet the Five Female Leaders Who Drive Our Vision

As the world honors women on International Women’s Day 2019 for their political, social, economic, and cultural impact across communities, Academic City celebrates all the amazing women who... Read More

A Peek into the Future: Exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality at Academic City

In the last few years, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) systems, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), have become popular in business and consumer spaces. As businesses... Read More

Academic City Holds Maiden Education Conference

On February 13, 2019, Academic City hosted its maiden Education Conference, which brought together 107 leaders (school heads and assistants, and student counselors) from 31 major schools in the... Read More

Follow your Dreams: Benedict Amoako’s Pursuit of his Passion for Robotics

For freshman Benedict Amoako actively pursuing his dreams is an essential part of his life. Inspired by his mother who encourages him to follow his passion, Benedict continuously seeks opportunities... Read More

Introducing the Community to Web Development

As part of Academic City's effort to promote innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, workshops are periodically organized to equip participants with the skills needed to maximize their... Read More

Exploring Innovation and Creativity in Engineering

After an eventful semester learning the basics of Engineering, students in our Engineering Graphics class culminated the semester with their final project presentations.... Read More

Celebrating African Diversity

Academic City hosted its first student-led Celebration of African Diversity Day on November 16, 2018 to promote an appreciation of the different cultures and backgrounds present on its campus. As 50%... Read More

Academic City Meets with Former President, H.E. John Kufuor

The Academic City team, including Co-founder Neeraj Varyani, President, Dr. McBagonluri, Director of Strategy, Sunitha Jenarius, and Finance Head, Amit Kakhani, met with Former President, H.E. John... Read More

On-Campus Reading Banquet

Reading is soon losing its prominence among the youth in a world that is rapidly evolving with alternative innovations and technologies. However, Academic City’s Communications Skills lecturer,... Read More

MainOne Ghana Sponsors 100% Presidential Scholarship

(left to right) Kazeem Oladepo (Regional Executive, MainOne), Angelo Govina (Sales General Manager, MainOne), Elizabeth Fio (Scholarship Recipient), Dev Varyani (Chairman, Academic City), Dr. Fred... Read More

Academic City Welcomes Class of 2022

In September 2018, Academic City welcomed its class of 2022 - students with strong academic standings in their high schools, exhibiting exceptional brilliance, and demonstrating steadfast leadership... Read More

Seven Academic City Presidential Scholars

This year, Academic City awarded seven students the Presidential Scholarship for their outstanding academic excellence and commitment to their societies. While six of seven scholarships were... Read More

Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FIE)

'Self-discovery while unlearning old practices to learn new ways of... Read More

Creative Afternoon for Engineering Students

It was just a casual Friday afternoon, but the engineering students were challenged in their Physical Sciences lab to build a table-top fan using minimal resources and recycled materials: leftover... Read More