Give to AC

Give to AC

Educational support

"We have taken it upon ourselves to search for and identify talent from even the far remote corners. However, we need your support to help provide such talent with the access to Academic City's resources. Joining forces, we envision being able to impact lives of young adults and unlock their potential with the right financial support."

Donations, scholarships, loans, income share agreements and grants both large and small are welcome at Academic City, and are cherished for the long-term social impact they have on the lives of our students and their communities.

Our Academic City partnered with MainOne Ghana to proudly sponsor a Women-in-STEM 100% Presidential Scholarship to Elizabeth Fio, a first-year engineering student. The US$40,000 scholarship was awarded by Kazeem Oladepo (Regional Executive, MainOne), Angelo Govina (Sales General Manager, MainOne), Dev Varyani (Chairman, Academic City), and Dr. Fred McBagonluri (President, Academic City).

Our Corporate Scholarship Programme is our conscious initiative to partner with industry to create financial support channels for students to pursue their education at Academic City while having our students engage with these industries through short and long term career opportunities.

Contact Our Team for More Information: Sunitha Jenarius, Director of Strategy,, +233 (0)20 234 0396

We recognise our donors for their generous support towards promoting the vision of Academic City, and are honoured to express our gratitude by highlighting our donors' philanthropic gestures.

How To Donate

We offer a variety of options for those who wish to give to AC, to support us in continuing our efforts to nurture and train exceptional young graduates who can successfully integrate into the local or global workforce as transformational leaders of tomorrow.

Academic City can receive donations made via cheque. Cheques can be made out to Academic City College and mailed to the following address :

Academic City
Plot 27, Haatso
PO BOX 452, Accra

Get in touch with our team to discuss providing the gift of an education to a bright young scholar through our corporate scholarship programme designed to address your organization's future needs.

Email Sunitha Jenarius (Director of Strategy) at or call us at (+233) 020 234 0396 to arrange a meeting.

Deposit at Ecobank or Make A Wire Transfer To:

Company Name: Academic City College (GH) Limited
Ghana Cedi Account Number: 0010134415403101
US Dollar Account Number: 0012104415403101
Bank Name: Ecobank Ghana Limited
Bank Address: 19, Seventh Avenue, Ridge West, Accra

Academic City can receive donations via MTN Mobile Money.

Send to : +233 242 538 304